More Abandoned Manitoba

Based on a regular feature on CBC’s Weekend Morning Show, the book Abandoned Manitoba was a runaway success in 2016, becoming the top-selling, non-fiction book of the year in Manitoba. Scientist and historian Gordon Goldsborough returns with more compelling abandoned sites from across Manitoba. Armed with a drone and a deep curiosity about local history, Gordon had more stories to share than could fit into one book. Adventure into abandoned quarries, dance halls, and more.

More Abandoned Manitoba: Rivers, Rails, and Ruins is a full-colour, richly illustrated book that looks at abandoned sites around Manitoba, describing their features, what caused them to be abandoned, and what they tell us about the history of the province.

Toronto Publication

Toronto Publication

This past summer, I photographed a theatre production during the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. Sex-T-Rex's production of Swordplay: A Play of Swords, was hit at the West End Cultural Centre during their run in Winnipeg. The play is now getting rave reviews during it's run in Toronto. Two of my photos from their Winnipeg production have been published in the Toronto Star and Toronto Life Magazine.

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